Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Update: Tuesday, March 4th - and a short poll

Recently added blogs:

angela29 - Prices in USD - Ships from US to US only
Suqqu Cheek Brush, Suqqu Nuancing Powder in Natural, Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Pencils in Golden Quartz and Amber Haze, Dior Beige Massai, Surratt Truffle, Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush, Armani Eyes To Kill, Guerlain Corail Ambre, D&G Bronzer, LMdB Tunisian Trist Kaleidoscope, RBR Orpheline Blush, Laura Mercier Caviar Stick, Chanel Grenat and Plein Soleil, etc.

poshpepper - Prices in USD - Ships from US to US only
Eyeshadows including: Tom Ford Lavender Lust, Sugarpill Bulletproof, Kat Von D, Maybelline LE Color Tattoos, Milani Shadow Pencils. Blushes including: Dior Pink Glow Bronzer/Blush, RBR Delicata Blush, lots of NYX powder blushes, NARS Gaiety Blush and mini Orgasm and Laguna, Tarina Tarantino blush palette, MAC Extra Dimension Bareness. Foundations: Revlon Colorstay Whipped, Bourjois Healthy Mix, Rimmel Stay Matte (and many more things!!)

Recently updated blogs:

topanga88 - Prices in USD - Ships from US to US only - Last posted on February 5, 2014
Armani Fluid Sheer 6, Chanel lip lot, Burberry Lipstick, Armani compact fusion fndt, Shiesdo Voyage Trio, Fresh Sugar balm, Guerlain Lipstick, YSL lipsticks. Shu Uemura lipstick.

lizziejo82 - Prices in USD - Ships from US to US only - Last posted on February 5, 2014
Hakuhodo brushes G5548, Guerlain eye shadow Night Fever, Rouge Bunny Rouge eye liner in Salome, Lipstick Queen in Natural Sinner, Becca blush in Flowerchild, etc.

ATTENTION READERS: I would also like to get your thoughts on whether you'd be interested in me adding an "in search of" section to these updates. ISO listing contributors would still be asked to make the same PayPal contribution as for a blog sale listing (though someone already listing their blog sale in the same day's update would not have to pay twice) and would be allowed up to four lines of text in which they could list specific products that they are looking for and would be willing to purchase via PayPal for a reasonable price if offered (I'm thinking 70% of original retail price or higher). It would be fine if you were also willing to swap for those items, but you must be willing to pay for them if you are to post a listing. Sellers in possession of items that are posted in ISO would need to contact the interested buyers privately via MUA. Please weigh in: what do you think of this idea?

Do you want MUABSTT to include ISO listings?
pollcode.com free polls 

You may also privately email me your thoughts on this if you'd like at muablogsalestaketwo (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you for your input!

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