Thursday, June 5, 2014

Update: Thursday, June 5th

NOTE: I may be unable to update the blog for 2-3 days after this Friday's post. It may be that there is no interruption at all in posting, but I want you all to know this is a possibility so no one is upset or concerned if it happens. Thank you!

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ayeedreamer - Prices in USD - Ships from US to US only
Marc Jacobs Precision Liner Pen, Bobbi Brown Blush "Pink Rose", MAC "Pink Pigeon" Lipstick, BRAND NEW Limited Edition NARS Debbie Harry Palette, Limited Edition MAC Blush "Equilibrium", OCC Cosmetics Airbrush Trial Set of 16, Ben Nye Concelear Wheel Set of 3, MAC Limited Edition Double Feature 3, Limited Edition DIOR Fall Golden Jungle Palette, MUFE Shadow #7 (swatched), OPI, Essie.


NanRx - asking sellers to ship to FL, USA.
ISO: ISO Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) in Glamourpuss and Liberty. Also Zoya Posh (red Matte). Prefer boxes with the RBLs.

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