Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Update: Tuesday, August 9th

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bcb1107 - Prices in USD - Ships from US to US only - Last posted on July 6, 2016
25% sale this week on all items!! Guerlain Place Vendome and Les Precieux palettes, CDP 302 Stardust quad, GA LS fdn #2 and Lip Maestro #402, Shu e/s singles and more.

borngothic - Prices in USD - Ships from US to US only - Last posted on July 26, 2016
All brushes; Eye and face brushes from Chikuhodo Takumi series, Hakuhodo J series and MAC.


  1. My blog sale link isnt opening the page for some reason for BornGothic. Please try this one:


    1. Hey, I updated it so it's working now. The link had a dash where it should have had an underscore.

      By the way, I usually avoid mobile links (by just deleting the ?m=1 at the end) so the site will open nicely on all devices, since mobile devices will default to the mobile version anyway.

    2. Thank you!!! I'll remember that next time; always on my phone, lol. :)


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